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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happiness is............

Everyone has different meanings of happiness, they also have different needs to be happy.
Some like to be home bodies, pottering around their places during the day, and curling up on the couch at night. Others like to be out and about whenever they can. There is no right or wrong way to what you require to be happy within yourself, just as long as you have some form of happiness in your life.

The last weekend for me, was filled with pure happiness. A good friend who I went to school with, came and stayed with us. We sat in the sunshine drinking bubbles at an iconic pub (such a pretty crowd, where we felt quite old!), chatted, watched the tennis and then spent the day on the beach.  My sister and her family also made a last minute visit and joined us at the beach too.  So did my in laws and Wills cousin and her children.  We had access to a friends beach box, this was a great way to enjoy the serenity of beach life.  Now to start saving the pennies, so we can get ourselves one.

Happiness for me is a mixture of being out and about with family and friends and also spending time pottering around my home.  After a nice weekend with beautiful people, today I have had a down time day at home.  The little men are exhausted after running around on the beach, swimming and playing with family and friends.  Chores always have to be done at some stage, and now that I am a full time domestic goddess, I want to have everything under control so that Will doesn't have to do things when he is not working.  Lawns have been mowed, gardens weeded, clothes washed, kiddies entertained - smallest one is asleep in my arms whilst I type this. I don't remember the last time that as happened.  I'm enjoying it, I hope that there are now more happy days, then stressful one's.

What is it that brings you happiness?

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  1. Oh Buffy, YOU are part of the pretty crowd too, you look gorgeous. What a lovely post and delightful pics of your happy weekend. I know exactly what you mean about needing a bit of both worlds to make you happy. I think for me, happiness is exactly that, balance. I LOVE going out with the best of them, enjoy a good drink, dance and night out... but also can't get enough of my time at home, pottering, chilling out with my boys etc... The beach box looks fabulous and the old retro banana lounge is super cool too xo