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Thursday, January 10, 2013

It feels right

Every Mum is a full time one. Share if you agree that the love of your children is the greatest reward.

I can't believe that I finally did it, after much consideration, doubts, do I , don't I - I did it.  I resigned from my job today, well, I left a message two days ago for my boss and it took 4 missed phone calls between us both today, before we finally spoke to each other.  And now, now that it is final, it all seems right.

I've only got one shot at spending these quality years with my young one's, time with them before the years flow by and they grow into teenagers and spend more time with their friends, than with us. I never knew that this day would come, it's amazing what a new year can bring.

At first I felt like I was letting my boss and the company down, but once I spoke with him and explained the situation, I felt relieved.  He was caring, completely understood that family comes first - upset that I had to go, but totally understanding.  When the phone call ended, I felt like I could breathe 100 percent.  Like this year was going to be a better year, with new beginnings, new outlooks and new adventures.

I shared a rare coffee with my husband and no kids at a cafe, we discussed what I could venture into, the opportunities are there to take!

I rang my mum as I enjoyed a walk - I was worried how she would take the news, but she completely shocked me.  She told me that I had made the right decision, that you never know when your health will suffer, and that you need to spend the time with the kids while you can. I believe that this is due to her facing her own mortality last year, and the fact that she still has a nurse visit her daily while her wound recovers from her last operation.  You really do have to live in the moment. She also mentioned how she found it really hard with us kids until I was about 8, I never knew that she felt this way.  My sisters and I had the best upbringing and my parents gave us everything that they could, the best gift of all was the love that our family shared and still does till this day.

So there, it's done - as of next Thursday I am officially unemployed and have the title of "Domestic Goddess". I'll be a full time chef, story teller, laundromat, cleaner, gardener, bum wiper, taxi driver, train track builder, lego constructor, arts teacher.....................and the best job of all..............a full time mummy!

And you know what, it all feels Just Right!

What about you, did you ever put a career on hold and just become a full time Domestic Goddess?

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