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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Decorating of our home!

When you have children, you spend a lot more time around your home.  Since we moved into our current home two years ago, we have been constantly adjusting things.  The major thing we did last year, was to add on an extension.  We went from three bedrooms and two living area's, to 4 bedrooms + a study and three living area's.  So grateful to have all of that extra space again! Although, space comes with extra cleaning - boo!
Since being on maternity leave second time around, I have been trying to add little extra touches to the home. I currently have a list which keeps on growing, daily blog reading gives me extra ideas - HELP! However, deep down I love it.  Knowing I have changed or created something, gives me a great feeling of satisfaction.  Following are a few things I have either worked on, or brought to add my little touch to our home.

 Painted a canvas and stuck on letters with Coopers name - there are little pegs so that he can hang his artwork on them.
 Painted a brown framed mirror we had to make it shabby chic beachy!
 Then I found these little fishes in a shop in San Remo which I thought would look great hanging from it.
 A paper tree which a friend from work organised for me.
 A little ratten star brought from the same shop as the fishes above.

 Another paper tree which Cooper uses to store his dress ups on.
 A couple of his little hats!
 Wooden letters which spell Charlie - I painted the edges white and stuck on some craft paper to highlight them
 A full view of Charlie's cabinet with his name on top.

 A wooden lantern which is huge and so heavy and so "Portsea" that I just had to have!
 A black and white photo of some boat rigging, to go with our beach theme
 Will created these Eat letters and I painted them - they hang in our kitchen
 Will's old toy box which I painted white and covered with new fabric to revamp it.
 A full view of the toybox

And today, I came across this wonderful idea
 These wooden tree trunks which were painted white and used as coffee tables - love it!  This idea comes from
Tomorrow I am aiming to make some side tables from an old gate that we have.  Stay tuned for the progress on that one.
Anyone have some great ideas to make a home feel and look beachy?

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