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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hanging out with my boys during these brrrrrr winter days!

Winter - I find it strips part of your inner soul, saps the vitamin D from your skin, turns you into a bit of a grump! On the other hand, it is great for curling up in front of a fire and sipping a red wine, making some soup, and having an excuse for not shaving your legs!
Our family despises the cold.  We love to get outside every day and play at the park, on the beach, or just walk the streets. Our kids go closet crazy being stuck indoors for great lengths of times - there are only so many activities you can do to keep them entertained all day.
As soon as it is not raining and the sun is shining, we are out there exploring what the world has to offer.  Otherwise..................we have been doing the following..............
                 Creating stories with the Shrek magnets
                    Reading at the bench
                    Hanging in the cot
                    Painting on the easel
                   Playing on the floor
                   Chilling out
                    Playing the "more Charlie" game
                   Kicking back in the rumpus room
                     Taking photo's of ourselves
                       Cuddling and kissing
                       Painting and drawing
                       More painting and drawing
Dressing up the "baby" in funny glasses (Cooper!)
                         More love and laughter
           Baking cupcakes for a friends 30th Birthday
 Meandering along the old tram tracks in Sorrento
                          Getting wind blown at the park
                           Playing with the trains
    Playing with friends in the cubby at playgroup

                          Fun times at the park
             Sliding down the ramp, instead of the slide!
                            Making butterflies at playgroup

              Making pictures for daddy at playgroup

So, when the weather is not at its best, you just have to use your imagination to have some fun!
Next week we are going to add to the arts and crafts box and make some creative gifts for people.

What kinds of things do you do in the Winter?


  1. Your boys are so beautiful Nic, you are a wonderful mother! :)