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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kindness of strangers

It is nice when you meet people who still have the old fashion kindness in them.
Recently, well about 6 weeks ago now, we sold a stereo to a friendly gentlemen. It turned out to be a bit of a saga. He lived in Croydon, so I offered for him to meet us at Chirnside Park when we were up that way for a wedding.  I was selling my five stacker cd system - I even remember that I paid $549.00 for it when I was about 20 years old.  I had it advertised for a bargain of $30.00!! We no longer need it now that Ipod docks are all the rage.
We turned it on prior to  him arriving and for some reason, it just kept skipping through the cd's.  We tried to fix it before he turned up, didn't want to look like we were trying to sell a dodgy item!  Anyway, next minute, he was there.  We put it on, played dumb and it was still doing the same thing.  Will was determined to find out the issue - and tracked down that there were two cd's jammed onto the one tray - COOPER had struck!
He had to pull the whole stereo apart, this lovely gentlemen waited for an hour.  He clearly wanted to buy this machine.  I ended up selling it to him for $25.00.  And then we had to madly get ready for a wedding that we had to attend!!
Anyway, just a few days ago, I get a message from my friend Floss who is house sitting at my in laws.  She told me that this kind gentlemen had turned up on the door step with another cd that he had found in the machine - Alex Lloyd... cause you were amazing............!
I laughed, it made me have a feel good moment to know that there are still these kinds of people out there in the world. Thank you Mr kind man!

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