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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inspiration - Inspiring the one's we love

My inner strength is to try and always inspire the one's that I love when they need it the most.
It does not matter how I am feeling, for me, the reward of lifting someone's spirits when they are down and out, gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. To know that you have made that person feel just a little bit better, makes me feel like a greater human being.
It really is not hard to be inspirational and send Leadership quotes, a thoughtful caring text or email, a card in the post or make a phone call when someone is struggling and all as they need is a friend.
Last Friday I received a phone call from a friend who I used to work with.  We have kept in contact since he has moved on - to him I am an inspiration, and for that, I feel as though I am worthy and needed.  I could not take his call, but he left me the most beautiful message "I was just ringing to let you know how wonderful I think you are, your little jokes and messages of encouragement are the most fantastic things.  And they seem to come through when I need them the most".
How wonderful is it when you receive a "thank you?", it lifts your spirits, brightens your inner and therefore your outer beauty and makes you smile.
I don't do these things in order to receive a "thank you", but when a "thank you" is given, WOW, I feel great!

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